Welcome to Multipart Finance

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I can’t believe this day has finally come…

Today, is the first blog of a new business and a new chapter in my life.

It comes with great pleasure, excitement and joy that I can now officially say that Multipart Finance is open for business.

“Aptly” named, Multipart Finance is an extension to the very successful property investment and development firm Multipart Property, owned and operated by my very dear friends Matt Zappia & Sebastian Kesby.

But who cares? What makes Multipart Finance different and why should you deal with us?

It’s a fair question and probably something a lot of businesses struggle to answer. What makes Nike different from Adidas? What makes Apple different from Microsoft? What makes Mercedes different from BMW?

I could go on but I think you get my drift…

For every business, in any industry, to differentiate essentially comes down to not the service/product you can provide but the way in which you can provide it.

As Simon Sinek from his infamous Ted talk, which has now been viewed by more than 33.7 million people puts it, “People don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.”

The reason you should deal with Multipart Finance is because of the way in which we can take whatever finance goal you have and break it down into simple to understand language you can use to execute this goal.

Essentially, if you have a scenario that involves borrowing money, you should think of dealing with Multipart Finance.

We’ll save you time because we deal with over 30 different lenders and we’ll save you money because out those lenders, we know the one that is going to provide you with the most compelling offer to meet your scenario.

Put us to the test

Perhaps you haven’t had your home loan reviewed in ages, maybe you’re looking to upgrade your family home or potentially your bank said you couldn’t purchase your third investment property.

Whatever the scenario, get in contact us with today and let us show you that when it comes to your finance requirements, there’s only one firm you need to deal with.

Kind regards,

Tim Russell

Lizzie Robinson